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Website Newsletter – Send your latest message to thousands of people!

Newsletter Application and Registration

Provide a regular newsletter, distributed by email. An electronic newsletter can send your latest message to thousands of people in a matter of seconds. Subscribers have opted for inclusion into your mailing list – so you know that they are interested in your business services. A visitor to your website last month may not visit this month, a newsletter keeps them updated.

Electronic Newsletter enables you to collect more than an e-mail address from visitors that visit your web site. Add contacts or allow subscribers to join opt-in e-mail lists that you create with the capability of searching the records and scheduling a future contact date and time.

An electronic newsletter is an excellent medium to:

  • Update people who haven’t visited your website for some time.
  • Tell them about your latest special offers.
  • Provide a method by which they can contact you about specific offers.
  • Grow a mailing list of potential customers.

With our newsletter system:

  • You use our Content Management System to edit your html newsletter (or plain text message if you prefer).
  • Visitors add/remove them selves to your mailing list via your website.
  • On subscribe visitors select their categories e.g. Location, Business, Public etc
  • You have a facility to send edited newsletter to selected categories on list (or all cats).
  • Facility to add bulk email addresses to list.
  • Facility to collect current list to your PC for edit/store (with categories).
  • Your mailing list editable with MS-Excel.
  • Facility to upload complete edited mailing list.

Summary of Solution:

Tracks Click Throughs Click-Through Tracking – Track the Results of Your Sendouts.
Manage Bounced & undeliverable Email Extensive BOUNCE E-MAIL control to include PRE and POST advanced e-mail clean that performs MX Lookup, SMTP connection and more…
Supports the bounced and undeliverable e-mail tracking, however the extended e-mail clean does require a 3rd party coldfusion
Client Unsubscribe or Profile Update 1 Click unsubscribe for list members & the ability to update their profile at any time.
HTML Editor Easy ON / OFF features for the “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) HTML Editor which allows for the creation of eye catching HTML e-mail sendouts to include plain text or import web pages from the internet.
Create & Manage Unlimited Subscription Lists New subscribers are able to join multiple lists that you create via your backoffice administrator. An optional HTML e-mail confirmation is sent to the new subscriber to verify their e-mail address.
Email Campaigns Create mass e-mail campaigns by selecting multiple or single category lists. The application will filter out duplicate e-mails in multiple lists.
Import Data Options Easily import .csv and text files for mass uploads of subscriber e-mails. Mass e-mail extraction available from any uploaded file with lines of regular text. Filters duplicate and invalid e-mail addresses.
Add File Attachments Easily add multiple file attachments to e-mail campaigns, such as Adobe PDF, Mircrosoft Word, Excel, and GIF, JPEG image
Import Content Import web pages from the internet that will automatically convert to absolute links
U.S. States Add, update, delete U.S. States

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